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Leveling up through coaching

The most valuable secondhand tips, tricks and resources from a coach


By The conductor

We at soulXstation cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding that each individual has and always will have their own unique healing journey. sXs is intended to* be used as a resource to help guide you, to hopefully make your journey a bit easier and help those who may not have the means to truly heal (ie: support from family + friends, the monetary means for therapy, etc.) I am extremely grateful, thankful and blessed that I do have the means to enhance and somewhat accelerate my healing journey. The following “map out” is used to steer you in the (what-we-hope) right direction.

Last year, my place of work (day job) invested in Boon Health–which to me was and still is a huge perk. Boon is a coaching resource companies can use in regards to how businesses take care of their employees, personally and professionally, by fostering mental well-being in the workplace. I was lucky enough to get matched with an amazing coach and WOW, did I learn a bunch of life altering tips and tricks from her.

Key takeaways from my coaching

  • Breathing + Mindfulness

  • Intention Setting

  • Grace

Breathing and Mindfulness

Learning new techniques to better deal with anxiety or any uncomfortable feelings

The most helpful and my favorite technique by far: SNAP! SNAP is the acronym for STOP, NOTICE, ASK and PIVOT. This technique (by Victor Frankyl) is used in regards to utilizing the space between stimulus and response. SNAP comes from a book called the Road Back to You by Ian Cron & Suzanne Stabile. It is typically a tool used in Enneagram coaching.

My coach then introduced me to a type of breathing technique which connects breathing with the heart of who you truly are—HeartMath. She is a Certified HeartMath Practitioner and uses HeartMath techniques to teach the importance of emotional intelligence in the management of stress and anxiety. This is a PSA: HearthMath will change your life!!

Notable techniques

1. Heart-Focused Breathing

  • Focus your attention in the area of your heart (imagine the energy from your head flowing to your heart)

  • Breathe is flowing in and out of your heart and chest area by breathing slower and deeper than usual.

2. Quick Coherence

  • heart-focused breathing

  • Activate a positive renewing feeling (think of a time your felt love or appreciation)

  • Breathe in an attitude of love or gratitude

3. Attitude Breathing

  • Observe what you are feeling

  • Get into your heart-focused breathing

  • Breathe in a new attitude or feeling

  • Anchor and maintain new attitude or feeling

Here is the short video through Kaiser that will explain the first 2 Heart Math concepts.

For more details: please refer to HearthMath where you will find video and pdf resources.

(NOTE—register for FREE to gain access to resources)

Intention Setting

Living in the present

  1. TOOLBOX/DIY emergency kit: Creative way to deal with any triggers or unpleasant emotions. Using an old shoe box, I personalized the lid and added things into the box that I could use to help shift my mood in a positive way.

    • Write down positive things you could do when you are feeling down, crumble and add them into the tool box. Then you will randomly pull out the paper for a “positive surprise.” Examples—-call your nieces to say hello, go for a quick walk or grab a coffee/tea.

    • Next, add some treasures into the tool box to ensure you have any resources readily available—crystals, colored pencils/adult coloring book, empowering questions card deck, positive affirmation cards, energy journal and essential oils.

2. Energy tracker—Journaling what has worked, what hasn't worked in regards to your energy levels. Track where your output of (appx) energy is going per day = 100%. Assess and make any necessary changes.

3. Values + Boundaries—Reevaluate values and progress using focus sheets. From there, create a list of priorities then set structure and boundaries around your time. I suggest re-prioritizing monthly at the least.


[ɡrās] NOUN—Giving yourself grace is permission to forgive your mistakes, lapses in judgment and hurtful behavior, because no one is perfect.

My coach used the word grace a lot and I noticed myself really leaning into that word, but why? I quickly realized it was because this particular word was my “reminder” when I found myself getting off track or not living up to my own expectations.

A quote from Gina, my coach that I found in my notes/email tracker: “Keep on keeping on! Remember— you are not a machine...pacing yourself is healthy and natural!”- Gina

Additional resources to consider—

Thanks for joining us on the “E” and we do hope you filled up on your EARTH element (grounding, roots and being present)

xx The conductor

For full list of resources from this post + more visit our resource directory (under construction)


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