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Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Fire - Water - Air - Earth By The Conductor

We at soulXstation cannot emphasize enough the importance of understanding that each individual has and always will have their own unique healing journey. sXs is intended to* be used as a resource to help guide you, to hopefully make your journey a bit easier and help those who may not have the means to truly heal (ie: support from family + friends, the monetary means for therapy, etc.) I am extremely grateful, thankful and blessed that I do have the means to enhance and somewhat accelerate my healing journey. The following “map out” is used to steer you in the (what-we-hope) right direction.

Our first live post - WOW! This all started from the SIMPLE fact of aligning and balancing ourselves to feel, look and BE happy. We are so excited to share our resources that encompass the 4 elements. Let's start with the basics with the help of a perfectly aligned article we found in @mantramagazine by one of our fav brands, @soulfullveda…welcome to soulxstation!

fire: to invite will power, motivation, and intensity.

suggestions for refueling fire — our personal fav and most basic, sitting in the sun (with spf of course). Or get your pump on at the gym! or in the bedroom, either works!

water: to invite flow, intuition, and emotional depth.

suggestions for refueling water — sure, you’ve heard of spring cleaning, right. This saying holds true. A quick way to cleanse is by decluttering your space and making space for new positive energy to flow into your home.

air: to invite creativity, mobility, and lightheartedness.

suggestions for refueling air — something that always does the trick, get creative! Inspiration boards are a fun and productive way to get your inner artist out there. Another way is to simply try something new or check off that thing on your bucket list!

earth: to stabilize, ground, slow, and harden.

suggestions for refueling earth –- MEDITATE. Not the best at this, but small progress is progress. If you do not know where to start, try using an app like Headspace or guided meditation resources through inspirational speakers like Gabby Rothstein. Or just go walk on the grass barefoot (weather permitting).

These examples are simple and just the start. Stay tuned for more in depth, element specific content. And always remember to laugh along the way with us, because here we strive to make your journey a hell of a lot easier!

Additional resources to consider—

xxo sXs squad

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